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Reily Jane Stakenborghs

ReilySPHOTOHi! I’m Reily Jane; a dedicated, hardworking, competitive young lady with a passion for homes and the people who live in them.

During my childhood, I called a farm in rural Maryland home, but have moved many times and have been fortunate enough to travel all over the U.S. and over sees with my family. Through this; I have seen houses in every shape, size and style imaginable, which peeked my interest at an early age and I have discovered what really makes a house a home are the interesting and unique people that live inside. I have met people from many different backgrounds and cultures, which challenged me to make new friends and to make my home where ever I was. Ultimately, I rose to the occasion and am able to communicate and work effectively with almost anyone.

I am a decorated dancer and have danced, both competitively and professionally; for my entire life. This has instilled in me a hard work ethic and the ability to work with a team. I danced my way all the way to Orlando, FL where I performed for 2 years and went to college. I then decided to move to the great state of Louisiana and have been here for going on 5 years. With in that time I started my own successful furniture business, where I take old forgotten furniture and, using inspiration from Louisiana’s unique and beautiful culture, re-make them in to a timeless work of art. Pursuing a career in Real Estate was a natural progression; allowing me to meet interesting people everyday, use my eye for design and see a ton of different homes everyday.

I am absolutely confident in, not only, my ability and drive to find the perfect home for my clients, but also in the personalized professionalism of the whole team at Crystal Bonin Realty.

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